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Best cars to buy in 2020

The Kelly blue book award is one of the most prestigious awards for cars and automobiles out there. With consideration of each detail and decisions based on customer requisite crux, this is one of the most trusted awards out there. In November 2019, the KBB editors released their best buy awards for new cars 2020. Before reviewing the best choice autos of 2020 from KBB we need to understand how they came to the KBB editors came to this conclusion. The KBB grading criteria is very simple to understand and yet so effective that it instantly gains trust among customers and car enthusiasts. With 16 different categories ranging from full-sized pickup trucks to mid-size SUVs and plug-in electric sedans, a wide variety of options for any kind of customer and demand. And the categories are not limited, they increase with the market. The KBB editors go about listing all the cars in a category, classify them based on a taxonomy devised from the market analysis. Then the editors start shortlisting the cars based on quality, comfort, driving dynamics, dependability, low ownership costs and affordability to determine the best new car. And it isn’t exactly easy for the editors since the competition keeps increasing every year and it increases exponentially. With companies taking new and better initiatives to target a larger sector of the global market, this job becomes tougher for not the KBB editors. But this difficulty is alleviated from the customers that wish to buy a new vehicle thus making their jobs a lot easier.

You might be wondering how these editors really look at the car without driving them. Well, who said they don’t drive. The editors know well and good that you cannot know the car unless you’ve spent some time with it. Taking a year to determine 16 best cars should give you the idea of the work that goes into this. Car companies are innovating at a very high rate and the consumer is riddled with choices when he enters the showroom. Even though you know the budget you have and also possess an idea of what you want to buy, it all fades away when there are so many fresh options in front of you. And any car enthusiast or even a simple and daily driver can tell that a test drive won’t tell you anything. It won’t tell you about the mileage, it won’t tell you about the car’s durability and it won’t tell you about how much the car’s mettle is really worth. The expert opinion, the experiments and tests and the research, and a proper reliable channel of information that the consumers can refer to before is provided by the KBB best buy awards. This helps the consumers to decide how to buy what car according to their needs and requisites. This is pretty convenient for the consumer market since the choices have already been filtered out for the masses and they don’t have to look as much as they had to before referring to this best buy award list.

The companies that are dominating this year’s best buy awards list are ordered; Honda, with 5 out of 15 segments to its name. But Hyundai has bought fierce competition to the table claiming four segments and the title for the “best new car”. The rest of the segments were divided between ford, Lexus, Chevrolet and Audi. These companies have bought out the best of everything in these cars and show that a car can be much more than a machine on four wheels. And these companies continue to innovate and make cars better than ever. With the advent of technology and so much advancement, it’s not a shock to see so much in consumer-grade cars. The SUV trend has been increasing with more and more companies bringing out luxury SUVs and midsize SUVs in the market. Therefore, we’ll be starting with the SUVs here.

 Kia Telluride

Kia has been, since the beginning associated with manufacturing cars that are cheap in every perspective. Try as they might, this tag on the company brand was near impossible to clear. That was until Kia produced this best looking SUV. This car on first glance does NOT look like a damned Kia. I mean they’ve used Napa leather for the interior, how is that fitting for a Kia. Kia has successfully created a market stealing competitor that is very well an all-rounder. The car is made for parents that want to haul around their families while being completely sophisticated and business-ready without any extra effort. An instant attraction for parents, the daily grind feels a little less stressful when you’re riding in such a comfortable and smooth SUV. The experience is downright fulfilling and people have started planning to buy or lease the Telluride. The looks are just the starting point.       This SUV is surely worthy to be awarded the best midsize luxury SUV award in the three-row category.

Hyundai Kona

Even though the SUV is a subcompact, it is electric and its design screams of reducing the carbon footprint. Electric SUVs are trending ever since Tesla thought to spice up the game by entering the market. This SUV is for people that aren’t flashy but are considerate of the environment and just want to reduce their carbon footprint. Its driving dynamics have made a market for themselves by impressing the consumers. It is a bit of a Moby dick, it really helps us understand what the consequences can be for shifting to an electric midsize SUV as the daily driver. Could it truly be the best choice auto, or would it be too heavy on the consumer? It is the Good Samaritan car worthy of being awarded the best midsize SUV in the subcompact category.

Honda CR-V

When it comes to Honda, the competition becomes fierce instantly. The CR-V has been the best crossover midsize SUV for the past 20 years and this time, nothing’s changed. With the hybrid engine setup and space and strength to follow, this SUV has taken the best compact SUV award with ease. Not to mention, it is way cheaper than the former 2 SUVs mentioned.

Hyundai Santa Fe

You know a family car when you look at one. And boy o boy is this a good family SUV. This SUV is sunshine and soccer games all in one. The cat comes equipped with so many technological intricacies like smart parking, collision avoidance and much more. And it’s very affordable too with its price clocking at around the same price as the former Honda. Hyundai has brought the heat to the mid-size SUV market. This is by all means worthy of the best midsize luxury SUV award in the two-row category.

Ford Expedition

This one’s the big daddy everyone’s been talking about in the market. The SUV is huge. I mean very huge. You could probably fit a generation in there. There’s a lot of power in this beast to haul around so much space that it has. And it looks very good while doing so. It’s the perfect full-sized best luxury SUV. It feels like a business class flight with all that comforting leg room it’s crazy. And with all the technological gadgetry to boot, there’s nothing lacking in this beast of a vehicle. Truly worthy of claiming the best full-sized SUV award.

Audi Q3

This is an SUV you can be friends with. This SUV adapts to you. Intelligent with all the technology inside and luxurious in appearance. The SUV is itself spacious with a high tech interior that looks pretty and is interactive. This SUV is nothing short of the best. This SUV is really worthy of claiming the best subcompact luxury award.

Audi Q5

This SUV is a benchmark. It’s a standard everyone should aspire to be. This is the SUV everyone needs. The SUV is perfectly modest and is a very nice ride. It is perfect as the daily driver. It’s not flashy nor is it riddled with so much that it rattles your head. It’s just enough to keep your needs fulfilled and satisfied. The right amount of power and comfort, a most reliable SUV which makes it the best choice auto in the game. It is truly the perfect claimant of the best compact luxury SUV award.


This vehicle really brings the S in the SUV alive. It isn’t as subtle and sophisticated as it looks. Well, it is but that’s not the point. Even Muhammad Ali looked cool in a coat. This is pure power with combed hair and gel. You instantly feel the German engineering revving under your feet as the SUV screams that the S in the SUV is for “supercar”. The vehicle also looks the part. Luxurious and spacious, powerful enough to haul your brains out. This is truly the midsize SUV to buy. Definitely worthy of receiving the best midsize luxury SUV award from the KBB editors.

Honorary Mentions

Aside from the best choice auto, above are other awesome best looking SUV options that are midsize SUVs waiting for recognition and action. We couldn’t ignore them in the best interests of our viewers. Here’s to us providing our users with more options.

Nissan Murano

It’s like Nissan ordered the upsize Murano meal. The all-new Murano is a definite upgrade over the previous model. This two-row mid-size SUV has brought along with it a plethora of technology and safety features to make you feel at home.

Chevrolet Blazer

A blast from the past, this best looking SUV is for the thrill-seekers in life. It is compact for a midsize SUV, but it is powerful and fast on its tires. It doesn’t offer much space with respect to the type of vehicle it is, but the power and speed very well make up for it.

Ford Explorer

Don’t let the expedition overshadow this good piece of vehicle tech. With the ford badge, this is every piece of goodness ford has to offer. This upgraded version of the previous explorer has really upgraded. You can see the visible upgrades. More user-friendly tech. along with a better infotainment system and a list of safety features that are just too good.

Nissan Pathfinder

The now underrated midsize SUV from Nissan has so much to offer. With a spacious interior that’s even luxurious and awesome fuel economy, this midsize SUV is more reliable than ever. It also has a ton of power and can haul serious stuff. This is the underdog you’ve been looking for, with the downside of a bit stiff driving and lack of technology.

Ford Edge

The impulse of ford’s punch in the midsize SUV market is represented by this best looking SUV. Even though it’s been hiding under the shadow of its family’s big dogs, this car is a comfortable and nimble little SUV for people that like a two-door SUV. Packed with an array of features that don’t seem to finish, this is the SUV to look out for.

Hyundai Palisade

We know that it is shocking how this SUV couldn’t make it into the award list, but sadly the Kia Telluride was better in its category. However, it is by no means a lacking SUV. A three-row SUV that’s a family accommodator with world-recognized high-tech security features, a powerful engine that can haul serious butt and good fuel economy, this could really be the one.

SUVs are taking over the automotive world. With the features of a sports car, a family sedan and a heavy-duty wagon all fused in one, it is something that can’t be missed by the consumer’s eyes. The development in these vehicle types makes the competition fierce and strong. But it also produces best midsize luxury SUVs that are to die for. These are the vehicles made for any kind of work and task you might have at hand, whether it’s a date, a show and tell, a business meeting or a hiking mountain trip.


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