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War between best Pickup Trucks; Tesla vs Ford

People love it when two tech giants come face to face in competition. Same in this case when Elon Musk revealed a towing competition between tesla vs ford.

Ford being founded in the early ’90s is one of the most mature US-based car company and Tesla, coming into existence after a century in 2003, is a new-born child if we look in this way. 

Still, there is a lot of competition between these companies. Ford has over 100 years of experience in building cars and tesla, on the other hand, is crushing the tech world with its out-of-the-planet innovations. Today we are going to know more about the super techy CyberTruck; the electric pickup truck made by Tesla and we’re gonna compare it with the Ford F150.

Let’s talk about tesla horsepower vs ford’s

Tesla’s electric pickup truck comes in 3 different specs,

  • Single Motor
  • Dual Motor
  • Tri-Motor

But at this time, tesla has not officially announced the tesla horsepower for its CyberTruck. But we’re too curious to know, how powerful it actually is? 800 horsepower or 597 kiloWatts is the figure disclosed by Motor Trend.

When it comes to the horsepower of legendary Ford F-150, it delivers more than your expectations. But we are looking at the numbers, right? The Ford F-150 engine which is 3.5-liter V6 turbocharged produces around 450 horsepowers.

Keep in mind, tesla horsepower is not officially announced by tesla.

Ford F-150 outperforms Tesla’s electric Pickup Truck (CyberTruck)?

Musk released a video of Tug-of-war between Tesla CyberTruck and Ford F-150. We know many people are pointing fingers at it saying that it was not a fair match, but let’s just take a look at Ford F150 towing capacity vs Tesla CyberTruck.

Ford F-150 2020 model has a towing capacity of 13,200 Pounds whereas Tesla Cyber Truck can tow over 14,000 Pounds. 

So in terms of towing capacity, theoretically speaking, Tesla’s electric pickup truck wins the battle between Tesla vs Ford.

Best 4 wheel camper: Tesla vs Ford

All modern trucks have a unique benefit of converting them into a camper and take them anywhere on a vacation or a picnic. There are a lot of third part campers for Ford F-150 pickup truck. All having different designs and features, Tesla will have a huge benefit of making their own camper for their electric pickup truck.

The two most popular types of campers to convert a Ford F-150 Pickup Truck into 4 wheel camper are hard side campers and pop up campers. None of them are perfect or worst as the specs of both kinds of campers differ a lot. 

Some of the differences are:

  • The pop-up camper is mostly lighter in weight.
  • The low profile of the popup camper makes it good for driving off roads and windy conditions and fuel efficiency.
  • Hard side camper is good at insulation and interiors.
  • Hard side camper gives you more privacy.
  • The pop-up camper’s roof hight needs to be adjusted manually.

At this point, we do not have much information about Tesla CyberTruck camper mode but @mithunoorath asked Elon Musk about the Camper Mode and if it will be available as an accessory. Elon replied by just saying a simple “yes.”

Tesla released an image on its website with a tent fitted on the bed of CyberTruck which goes all the way to the back of the truck. This gives a plenty of space for sitting and sleeping.

It looks like tesla’s CyberTruck camper mode will feature a Full Stove and open-air kitchen as Rivian did with their truck. But that’s about it. That’s all we know about tesla’s electric pickup truck 4 wheel camper configuration.

Reality will be revealed when Tesla releases some photos or videos or the Cyber Truck gets delivered to its owners.

Final thoughts on Tesla vs ford

Ford has an engine which is the technology evolved with experience and feedback of multiple decades. Ford has had enough time frame to perfect its products and comparatively, Tesla being a newbie has nothing except a new technology. The reason Tesla is outperforming every other car is its functionality and its safety. 

On papers and specs sheets, Tesla is ahead of any other car and Tesla is also practically beating all others in the market at a great pace. 

So in my point of view, tesla is a clear winner when we talk about Tesla vs Ford. But there might be some other startup which competes with tesla in the near future.

The next competition can be Tesla vs Rivian. Tell us in the comments below who will win the war of electric pickup trucks? 


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War between best Pickup Trucks; Tesla vs Ford

People love it when two tech giants come face to face in competition. Same in this case when Elon Musk revealed a...