5 reasons to invest in a Ford Transit Custom

Why you should buy a Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom is arguably one of the best one-ton vans on the market. A variant of the prolific Ford Transit, this medium-sized van lives up to the expectations that this renowned brand commands. It delivers not only on style (essential for making a good impression), but also on performance and reliability. Here, we explore the top five reasons why investing in a Transit Custom makes good business sense.

Peak performance

When choosing a commercial vehicle, knowing it can get you and your cargo around swiftly and efficiently is key. With a 2.0-litre TDCi engine that comes with three power outputs, the Transit Custom is flexible enough to cope with city or motorway driving. It’s also pretty efficient, returning 46.3mpg and 157g/km, while optional Start/Stop technology minimises fuel consumption when you’re idling.

Load capacity

The van’s compact external dimensions belie a surprising amount of space when it comes to loading up. The smallest variant has no less than than six cubic metres on offer, while the largest option, which has a long wheelbase and high roof, can provide an impressive 8.3 cubic metres in capacity. It’s also got flexibility when it comes to transporting long or awkward items: a flip-up panel set into the bulkhead enables you to access under-seat storage in the cab when necessary.

Safety first

Another good reason to purchase the Ford Transit Custom is its ability to protect you and your load. It features a host of active safety systems designed to prevent accidents, including Electronic Stability Control, Traction Control, and Emergency Brake Assist as standard. If you’re towing, you can also benefit from Trailer Sway Control, which stabilises your trailer if the van’s systems detect instability. All this has earned the Transit Custom a five-star rating from Euro NCAP.


Modern business users expect a commercial vehicle to come in several guises in order to cater to a range of needs. Here, the Ford Transit Custom doesn’t disappoint. It comes in Van, Double Cab-in-Van, and Kombi versions to support single drivers with lots to carry, crews and – as the Kombi name suggests – those who need their van to switch between cargo and passenger modes.

A selection of body lengths and roof heights is also on offer, meaning you can easily find a variant to suit your needs.


Ford is well-known for equipping both its cars and vans to a good standard, and this mid-size van follows suit. The cabin is as car-like as any thanks to comfy seating and an intuitive dash layout, while the high driver position provides ample visibility. Standard technology is where it really shines though, featuring the Ford SYNC system, electric windows, and 12v sockets for charging devices. Opt for the Trend trim and cruise control is added, alongside rear parking sensors and automatic headlights.

Whether you’re looking for a new Ford Transit Custom, or one of the used vans for sale, you’re sure to thank yourself for investing in such a reliable, hardworking model.