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A Guide Radon Gas

Radon gas is a radioactivity influenced noble gas that is tasteless, colorless and odorless. Radon gas is an effect of a radioactive substance underneath the ground. Radium element is electronic configuration is placed at position 86 of the periodic table. It naturally occur as a gas as a result of radioactive decay process of the element uranium, thorium and radium. Radon gas is not a light weighted gas though it is breathable. the process of radioactive breakdown take place on soil, water and soil having traces of radioactive substances. To get into structures; radon gas penetrates through the holes and cracks located in a building. Water originates from underground and it is thus an avenue for harboring radon gas.

Radon gas is health hazardous as it contains carcinogen which causes cancer. Indoor air that is a mixture of normal gas and radon gas is of poor quality. High amount of radon gas in a room is risky. The level of radon gas in nature differ from one location to another due to the geology variation. The features of radon gas make it hard to be identified thus need for special testing procedures.

Special radon testing method should be used to assess the level of the gas in a location. An expert in testing radon gas can be hired supposed the intensity and level of radon gas is very high. The radon gas testing kit are locally found or can be purchased via online platforms. The testing kit has a detailed menu and instruction that if followed to finality, the testing will yield successful result.

The testing kits can either be passive or active. Alpha track and charcoal canisters are some of the passive methods of testing radon gas. The active testing kits are power dependent The active radon testing procedures are advanced and superior testing; they are excellent kits to test radon gas in whichever the location.

Testing radon in a homestead is of great significant as it lay a foundation on making critical decisions suppose there are radon gas substance within. Suppose the test is negative, then that is good news but when the results show there is radon gas in the space, remedies and methods of mitigating should be encompassed. Methods that support mitigation of radon gas need to be utilized in a location where its level are high and present. Some of the recommended methods of preventing radon gas spread are sucking soil off the radon elements, pressurization of a house and using heat recovery ventilators. Soil sucking procedure draw traces of radon gas from the soil. The opening and cracks that allow seeping of radon gas can be sealed to put a halt on radon entry. Radon gas located in water can be fought off by using charcoal filters and aeration tools.

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