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The Essential Criticality of Attending Church

Life is not always a smooth flow since it is characterized by busy weekdays either with school, work or running other errands. Due to the criticality of life, you find that people look forward to the weekend so that they can have a time off from the daily hassle and time chase. Fellowship and church attendance has been steadily diminished by people in the world taking a secular living direction hence hindering these activities. Here are a few points that could prompt you to reinstate the habit of going to church together with friends and family.

By going to church, you find that you are able to fellowship with others due to the associations with the members of the congregation. While in church, you find that you are connected with the other positive minded people who give you great encouragement bits that help you in life. While in church, you find that you have the chance or rather an opportunity to make friends that can help you in life. When you listen to other people’s testimonies in life, you get to know that you are not the only one suffering and that there are even other people who pass through issues more than you, hence life changing.

By going to church, you not only get to set a good example, but also get to create a great trend that make you a role model to the others. As a believer who goes to church, you find that you are able to set a great example as well as adhere to the teachings of Christ who taught his followers on the indispensable essence of fellowshipping with others. By going to church ,you are able to cultivate a great habit in you as well as the kids as compared to just lying idle at home. With the habit set and deep-rooted in you, you find that you can amicably be a great example to the others, just as Jesus taught the disciples to do.

As a follower of Christ, it is your responsibility to ensure that you attend church for your spiritual growth as well as for habit forming. The kind of wisdom and knowledge that you gain from the church cannot be found in any other places or gatherings. Since in Christ you are a family, or rather Christians are one family, you find that it becomes very important for you to bond with the others and learn with them. In the long run, you find that attending church is indispensable in its own way or aspect.

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