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Best Practice Packaging Methods for Ecommerce Shipping.

Before you can make your ecommerce business click, you need to take time to dwell on various aspects of your business and find ways of improving each. You might have a great product, but if your cheap packaging causes breakage or damage in transit, settling a damage claim means that you just lost a valuable customer forever. This is because some items need to be packaged with extra care than others for an ecommerce business. A few such products would include: electronic items, glassware, cosmetics, ceramics, medical devices, and so on.

Use the right packaging products and follow some tried-and-tested techniques to see a drastic reduction in product damage or breakage caused during transit. As a result of doing this, the customers are satisfied with the kind of services you offer and they get to identify with your business. A professionally-packaged item also accentuates your brand identity.

Below, we discuss the various ways in which the safety and packaging of a product can be improved. To protect delicate goods from damage as a result of impactful lifting, it is good to invest in a cushion making machine in order to make cushions solely for this purpose. A high-quality cushion-making machine pays for itself with less claim damages, increased brand value, and reduced packaging time.

Kind of box to be used for packaging should also be given major consideration. A corrugated material that has never been in use before should be considered. the reason for using a new box is that a used box would have lost its strength first. Make sure that you adhere to the recommended gross weight limit of the box.

An air pillow should be used to wrap separately all the items to be packaged in the box. The other thing to note is that the items should not touch each other win order to reduce impact win case of collision. The kind of clearance required should be provided by the air cushions that have already been made.
Be very careful around the corners and movable components of each item. Only those cushions that have the technology to transfer air should be used when it comes to package movable items. The air transfer technology in cushions ensures that when pressure is applied on one spot, the air is moved to another cushion but does not pop.

If you are shipping hollow items such as bowls, vases, or glasses, stuff the hollow space with an air cushion. The hollow items are therefore protected against breakage or cracking once force is exerted on them.

An air cushion is not only required to be put in hollow objects alone, it can also be put in between flat surface items such as plates too. air cushions win between two flat surfaces act as shock absorbers in cases of exertion of pressure.

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