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Dealing With The Problem Of Soil Erosion.

Soil erosion is the ununiformed displacement of the soil’s top most layer. Soil erodes naturally but is small amounts and this should not be a cause of panic as it is a normal natural occurrence. Many people do not see it when soil is eroded naturally. Movement of soil can be very big and have a great negative effect on the land.

Agents of soil erosion take advantage of the formation, cutting and exposition of soil. Noticing soil erosion helps in dealing with it effectively. Both human and natural activities can cause soil erosion.

Different activities by man leads to soil erosion. There are two main natural causes of soil erosion. There are other secondary determinants of soil erosion related to the human and natural activities. The factors which apply to both natural and artificial causes include but not limited to;

The touch in terms of fineness of the soil. When soil particles are heavy and big, it is hard for them to be eroded.

The slope of the ground is also a great determinant of soil erosion. The steeper the slope, the high effect erosion will have on that land.

Excessive use of soil makes it easy for it to be eroded.

Little rain has little effect when it comes to displacement of soils.

Trees act as windbreakers, meaning that they block wind from passing through a particular area. Soil displacement occurs when there are no trees to prevent wind from blowing.

Soil erosion has very serious effects on land both where it displaces to the point the displaced soil is deposited known as on-site and off-site effects respectively. Nutrients of the soil are taken away from the area that soil is suspended from. Deposited soil from erosion could cause both positive and negative effects.

Dealing with any problem requires understanding its causes. People deal with soil erosion in the following ways.;
Ensuring that there is a lot of vegetation on land. Exchange of type of crops in a given land helps in soil retention. Plantation of trees or shrubs at the edges of vegetative lands also helps in trapping the wind.

For water erosion, one of the main control measures that can be taken is the construction of gabions and other. Modern scientists have devised ways and products that when mixed with soil make it resistant to erosion. New inventions like planting grass over a large piece of land and root enhancement has made soil erosion almost impossible. Laws have been put to deal with those who do not ensure prevention of soil erosion the world over.

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